Unity Save System

Hello by developer. Today i will mention unity save system. Actually the system very basic but there are a few details. Firstly for save we must know a few thigs;
* We have to use PlayerPrefs before save or get
* We have to use 2 parameter for save
ok this is all. Let’s Start

Save String Static Methods:

PlayerPrefs.SetString("save name",save value);

Save Int(Integer) Static Methods:

PlayerPrefs.SetInt("save name",save value int type);

Yes. These is All save things. Off Course we can get like we can save actually this is very basic system too. Below we have seen a simple string and int system being called

Get Int(Integer) Static Methods:

PlayerPrefs.GetInt("save name");

Get String Static Methods:

PlayerPrefs.GetString("save name");

Yes we were finished by you and we use the following function in deleting a key we have registered

DeleteKey Static Methods:

PlayerPrefs.DeleteKey("save name");

Yes these is all save things. Please comment for your questions

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