Character Select [Add My Asset]

Hello everyone, welcome to my website. Today i will add new character in my Character select asset system if you follow step by step you can add new character

1: You Should import models and assets
2: Characters gameobject (in Hierarchy), drag and drop
3: open->system(in Hierarchy) and select ModifiyObject object

4: In Inpector focused then add new materials and your material drag and drop

5: open Character_Custom.cs then Find “MaterialSettings_Save()” function and you should add new case break into switch code and you should save information the case between break. For Example

6: Find “Get_Color()” function you should add new switch statement or copy previous switch and for condition you should use.

7: Finally, for material and smooth copy previous metalic and smooth and paste

these is all, thanks for reading see u 🙂

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