Add New Color [For My Asset]

Hello everyone, welcome to my website. Today i will add new Color in my character select asset system if you follow step by step you can add new character. i hope you will be succesfull with add character color if you wont be succesfull with add character color please contact me

1:open Character_Custom.cs
2:Find color_Buttons() function after you should add new case-break. please changing case value and colorSelect value For Example;

3:Find Get_Color() function after open switch statement add new color. Note, you should make all characters so all switch in Get_Color() funcition (as above)

4: you should add new color butto into Canvas -> Content -> CustomPart -> ColorPanel -> Colors in Hierarchy

5: Finally, button select and you should add new on Click() part and drop ModifiyObject(in system objects Hierarchy) and select character_Custom -> color_buttons -> new color case value

Good Luck 🙂

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